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    * Some questions from a newbie

    Hi กกก

    I'm a newbie in this forum, although I have been lurking for some time.
    Just wondering if somebody in this wonderful board could help me with them
    I'm an absolute beginner in hosting and English is not my mother tongue, so forgive my possible mistakes please

    1-I'm looking for a basic hosting package, but I'd like to manage about 5 different domains throught the same account. I have been searching the Internet and the board and I'm not sure yet if I'd need a reseller account or just a shared one with addon domains. My websites are personal pages,no business or commerce.Which should I choose?
    2-Taking into account that I want to host 4-5 sites, how much bandwith/space should I need?
    3-Is it easy to manage a reseller account? ( I'm a newbie to this)
    And finally:
    4-I have seen there are only 2 posts talking about Virtuoso, which I have found one of the best bets for me. Any reason?

    Thanks a lot in advance กกก

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    I'm not a 'pro' but here is my $.02 worth...

    #1 - you should be all set with add-on domains.

    #2 - it really depends, but most hosts that provide ~10gb/month should be more than enough for a few personal sites.

    #3 - reseller accounts are pretty easy to do, you just need to allocate your space/bandwidth/email accts however you want.

    #4 - i can't speak specifically about them, however according to their website you have to pay $2/month for each add-on domain. you should be able to do better than that...


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    Hey Alethea, first of all welcome to WHT! You will find it to be an excellent for your hosting questions.

    Here are the answers to your questions:

    1) Your best bet would be to find a good hosting provider that offers multiple domains. That would probably be the easiest way for you to start, and as your learn more you can investigate some reseller options.

    2) Space and BW really depends on the site. If you don't have established sites I would assume that you don't need much in the way of space and BW as it will take time to develop content and attract visitors to your site.

    3) Reseller accounts are fairly easy to manage, however they are geared towards people who are wanting to resell services. In most control panels, there is not a whole lot of difference between the reseller and regular hosting interfaces. The big difference is a reseller account can see multiple customer accounts as a regular account can only see and manage your own site(s).

    4) Typically Virtuoso is a technology that VPS providers use. It allows a single server to be split into multiple "virtual servers". They tend to be quit a bit more expensive than reseller accounts.

    Hope that answers most of your questions.
    Good luck in your search!

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    Matter of fact I have contacted Virtuoso thru their live chat and they offer up to 5 different domains in the same account in their Basic Plan. The 2$ is only if you want to have more than 5.
    It was just curiosity, because I have found them to be a reliable host (imho) and nobody seems to talk about them

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    #1 - add-on domains would be the less expensive/complicated route.

    #2 - personal websites usually don't abtain a lot of bandwidth so no more than 15-20gb should do you fine. Space I would estimate around 500-1000mb.

    #3 - reseller accounts are just a step up from a regular account. They are a bit "complicated", but they are pretty self explanatory.

    #4 - I also don't know them from expirence, but a lot of hosts can offer you Unlimited Add-on domains.

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    I was talking about a web hosting company called Virtuoso, I don't know if you're talking about the same thing ??

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    Originally posted by Alethea
    I was talking about a web hosting company called Virtuoso, I don't know if you're talking about the same thing ??
    guess Stoke was talking about Virtuozzo.. name confusion
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    You should all be fine with the Addon domains. I guess there is no need for you to go for the reseller package. The space and the bandwidth will depend upon the web-site itself. But normally you can go for the host who provides a bandwidth of around 10 to 15 GB per month. The reseller accounts are pretty easy to manage. You can have the conntrol over the things very easily. And when referring to the last point, I am not sure about this host. It will be much better if you look around for some reviews upon this host.

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    Good luck with Virtu....ozzo....
    There are many hosts that offer several domains per account, for instance Micfo and DreamHost... oh, and Site5.
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