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    Jesse's World Forums

    I posted my website on here a little over a month ago. Since then I have taking the forums on my site and made them the whole site. Please let me know what you think.

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    I would suggest you to use brighter colour for your font. It's hard to read.

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    Looks good to me! The "JW" in your logo is a little pixelated for me, but otherwise, well done!

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    its a bit dull , also points focus to header more , mainly not bad . Use vbulletin

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    I like this theme for phpbb. The font is a little jaggy. Good stuff though, for a forum. Keep working on it.

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    As said, the logo is a bit pixelated and the font is too dark to read against the background.

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    I agree with the posters above. You definitely need a brighter font.

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    i agree too dark!! - The Ultimate Pleco Community!

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    I have added some mods to the forums. I added a points points system that will be used in the future for contest and such. Right now, the system is in beta so it may still have a few bugs in it. In a few weeks, i will reset the points and start a contest. The first to [blank] points will win a free year of hosting.

    The way you get points is by posting. You get 5 points starting a new topic and a bonus point for every reply. You get 1 point for every reply you give to other topics.

    You see, this is a cool system. So come on and check it out.

    Jesse's World

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    I would try another colour for the background/text . Purple on purple doesn't look that nice in my opinion. Maybe some light purple background every two categories ?

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