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    Question Could someone explain something please?

    Hi WHT,

    I'm trying to get my head around something, and can't find an "Idiot's Guide"

    Basically, it's about Domain Names.

    I have a dedicated server, with 5 IP addresses.
    I have 5 domains, and have added each one to an IP address in WHM.

    Which is simple enough...

    But now i'm wanting to get another domain name, but don't want to buy more IP addresses.

    Is it possible, and if so, how would i add another domain name to an existing IP address please? Would i still be able to add ftp accounts to this domain via cpanel? Or what?

    Thank you in advance!

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    you should only be using 1 IP address
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    Assuming you're using Apache 1.3, this official guide on virtual hosts will be exactly what you're looking for; for Apache 2.0, go here (other virtual host-capable servers work as well, but you need to find the documentation for them yourself).

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