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    Plesk SSL Problem

    What were using.

    Web Server Microsoft IIS 6.0
    psa-autoupdate 1.1.1811.16691
    Web scripting Microsoft ASP 6.0.3790.1830
    Microsoft ASP.NET 1.1.4322.0
    perl v5.8.3 built for MSWin32-x86-multi-thread
    python 2.3.2
    php 4.3.9 (cgi-fcgi) (built: Sep 21 2004 14:04:26)
    Web Publishing Microsoft FrontPage
    FTP Server Microsoft IIS 6.0
    Database Engine Microsoft SQL server 8.00.194
    mysql 4.0.20a-nt
    Mailing list software Mail Enable 1.54
    Mail Server Mail Enable 1.54
    Java JDK 1.4
    Tomcat 5.0.19
    Web statistics webalizer V2.01-10-RB02 (Windows NT 5.2 Service Pack 1) English
    awstats 6.0 (build 1.1)
    DNS Server Plesk DNS Server 9.2.3
    WebMail webmail 3.2.2
    Spam filtering SpamAssassin 2.63
    Antivirus filtering Dr.Web last update 22.04.2005
    Backup psa-bu 7.0.0-win.build041216.03 (1.0.1811.16649)
    Expand Agent pleskagent

    Here is my problem. I went into plesk and for the server I added a certificate. I have the text for the private key and the actual certificate text that I put into the correct fields within plesk. I then click the button that says submit text and my certificate is generated and then it shows up in the list of SSL certificates. So what I do then is check mark the box next to the certificate and click the SETUP button which installs the certificate into plesk. Now I set the certificate to be the default and thatís when I think done. So now I go to Domains and go to my domain and then click the certificates button in this window. I create the certificate in the same manner as I did for the server except this time I donít have the option to set it as the default because itís the only certificate in the list.

    I use firefox as my browser and when I go to the Plesk Login page I receive a popup notification telling me about the certificate and when I look at the details indeed it is the certificate I setup in plesk. The address for the login to plesk begins with https and works. However ANYWHERE outside of plesk HTTPS brings users to a 404 page. For example our billing system is modern bill. I have modern bill setup to use an SSL certificate however when customers go to login and the address changes from http to https it goes to a 404 page. This is my main problem. Nothing outside of plesk is correctly using the SSL certificate. What gives?

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    404? file not found?

    You have copied the files (or made a symlink) to the httpsdocs directory for the domains you're hosting under ssl?

    (disclaimer: that's how it works in Linux, you have a httpdoc folder for all normal http files, and a httpsdocs folder to put the secure files in)

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    This box is running windows server 2003 I know theres an httpdocs folder but I dont remember seeing an httpsdocs folder...

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