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    The Billing System Topic

    I'd like to post a topic all about billing systems, and what you guys (and girls) think are the best. The major ones:

    WHM AutoPilot -
    Seems like an overall good system, but doesn't work very well with other control panels besides cPanel, which could be a downside for those using Plesk, Ensim, etc. Seems to have a lot of features and is quite powerful. The demo provides a lot of insight. It is surely a good control panel, and the look/feel isn't bad either.

    ModernBill -
    I'd say ModernBill is the industry leader and seems to have it together, but from my personal use it lacks in so many areas, yet is better than most in others. It's domain intergration isn't bad, nor is it's intergration with other control panels. It quite obviously has a ton of features, but can be downright overwhelming and confusing. Like WHM AutoPilot, they have an extensive demo section. The design of both the web site and the actual system are by design giant Ceonex, so quite obviously it looks good.

    ClientExec -
    ClientExec seems to be equally popular, but from what I hear it serioulsy lacks in the domain area. Otherwise, people seem to love it. The demo provides you with a basic overview of how the system works. However, I think the system lacks in many areas, and has limited control and function. A plus though, is that the system is very easy to use for both an administrator and clients. ClientExec's features for the most part are something left to be desired, but I think for a newbie with a company that isn't too big, ClientExec can be a fitter. I'm a huge fan of it's simplicity.

    lpanel -
    From my research, lpanel users either love it or hate it. There are rumors going around about the company possibily going out of business, but who knows. lpanel seems to have the most features out all of the other systems, and the look/feel isn't that great, but it isn't bad. It seems as if the system supports nearly everything, but I hear from many it can be buggy. The demo is the most extensive out of all of them, and provides a look of all of the system's features. I think this system's best feature is all of the features it offers.

    For the most part, all of the sytem's pricing is similar, but I'm fairly certain ModernBill is the most expensive. I've attempted to post a poll, but I'm not sure it it'll work.

    Please do provide your comments about the sytems, and vote in the poll.

    Thanks, and I hope this clears things up!
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    Inclusion of the prices would be helpful.. and what about PHPCoin?

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    what about AWBS, phpCoin, AccountLab and MiniBill. (to name the ones I can remember off the top of my head). Perhaps an 'other' option would be a good idea for your poll.

    The prices donlt really matter - so what if you spend 200 on modernbill, when you have 200 clients! Its hardly a lot for a host who isn't a kiddie trying to make some extra pocket money.

    A feature comparison would be a good idea for your descriptions as I would want the ability to invoice customers with additonal work, not the simple select-your-monthly-bill type stuff. Some people want a shopping cart type system where they can choose extras (like 2nd HDD or daily backup) too.

    Supported control panels would be a nice addition too (doesn't ClientExec not work with Plesk?).

    So... for me AWBS seems nice, but I couldn't figure out how to add billable work from their demo, and Modernbill looks the business except for the reported complexity. I'd go for Modernbill though, as its easier to make it work when you need the extra functionality, then to migrate your entire billing system.

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    The problem with this type of thread is it has been done to death

    There is no good billing program only one that is good for you , it depends on your needs, country , tax system, registrar, control panel, services offered. For example I cannot use WHMAP because of limitations but accept it is a brilliant billing program if it suits your business model, when it come to billing there is no happy medium it either suits or it doesn't.

    AWBS, whoiscart, phpcoin, agilebill, accountlab, perlbill, hsphere, plus dozens of more less well known all do a job equal to or better than the listed for some people.
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    I totally agree with the above. It's ridiculous to have these threads every so often because there is no definitive answer.

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    I just wanted to a base comparision.

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    Originally posted by douglash
    I just wanted to a base comparision.
    Not a bad idea. The replies you got were a bit on the short side, but I understand where they're coming from. Personally, I use WHMAP for certain sites and whoiscart pro for others. I also use a simple form to take orders and a homemade one at that. Best bang for the buck is my simple in-house order form simply because that's where 99.9% of my orders are from. It's hard getting a new hosting site off the ground these days.

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    I be use clientexec about 1 1/2 yrs with no problem I like it very much..
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    I think Lpanel is far better than any other.

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