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    Balancing cost-effective support with DC quality


    Through research on WHT and other forums, I believe I have the information I need to make an optimal DC decision, at least from the perspective of our larger scale infrastructure needs. However, I am very concerned that we make the right decision from the perspective of support quality and cost.

    We have some sharp people on our team, unfortunately, none of us have much experience managing a remote server hosted by a DC. There will be a learning curve for us to climb, and we will likely have to look to our DC support to help us along the way. We're confident we'll be able to climb that curve, but we don't want to go broke doing so.

    So, any information on which of the better DCs have the best support plans to meet our needs would be much appreciated. We realize support does come at a price, but we'd like to make sure we get the most "bang for the buck". For example, I read one WHT post regarding ServerBeach that stated they were a great DC for experienced customers, but if you didn't "know what they hell you're doing", you would find yourself paying A LOT.

    Any similar thoughts on:
    * liquidweb
    * tranxactglobal
    * fastservers
    * rackspace
    * others?


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    Does location matter? If no, then I have a few in mind
    ServerTag Technologies - Everything you need for hosting activity
    A Canadian company providing top notch site hosting, servers and colocation services

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    The only firm location constraint we have is that the DC reside within the US, with a preference for the West coast.


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    Hurricane Electric is quite possibly the most popular datacenter. They offer colocation, leased lines, cross connects AND dedicated servers. They have their own fiber network throughout the US and Europe, and they have a massive datacenter in Fremont, California. Excellent network. My servers have been based in Fremont for a while now, and I have nothing but compliments for Hurricane Electric and their support staff.

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    Does the support staff help with troubleshooting server issues in the DC? Or do they just hit the reboot button?

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    I would take a look at Ethr.Net , they off a semi-managed solution and will help you trouble shoot most of your problems.

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