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    * - Jump Starting Your Community...

    If you're interested in how this site works...
    This site is to help begining communities to get off the ground. How it works is, you post on other member's sites and every hour we will pull that information. Once we do, we calculate how many times someone has posted on your site. We will then calculate a shortage. The shortage will list you in the boards based on who has the worst shortage.

    By the way...

    What do you think of the new design? We just recently converted from phpBB to vBulletin.

    There still needs some work on the index page and a few others, but I have to make time for that.

    Please provide feedback or suggestions!

    More features are coming very soon!

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    swear i have seen that design before...

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    It was made by someone for us, but not sure if it was ever used before?

    Remember where you saw it?

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    They've been doing it for over year now, It hink.

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    Originally posted by

    They've been doing it for over year now, It hink.
    Sorta like it. I've been an active member for there for a while. It's a little different here.

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    I sure like it!
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