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    * Suggestions for online biz game scripts?

    I have been looking at some game scripts like pimpswars,, and a few others that seem to allow free play, UNLESS you wanna pay a couple dollars and get extra turns or credits to buy virtual items etc. The premise being they play for free but along the line figure "Hey its only a couple dollars to buy XXXXXX, so why not". The virtual items get purchased through a paypal account and their is really no interaction involved.
    I figure their are probably a lot available for purchase like pimpswars but a lot more like habbohotel which has a lot more interactivity, etc but which are currently not for sale but still have to be making LOTS of cash.

    Anyone know of any such games or business plans based on online gaming (not gambling) or any such place that has scripts or demos of such ?



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    There is option to play for money, but the setup is expensive.

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