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    need dedicated server

    am in process of looking at dedicated server.

    here is what i want

    Im after a server with about 40-0 gig of space.
    I want no restirctions on content.

    I also want to be able to run my vbull board fromt he server so would having cpanel and whm panel installed solve this problem as i dont want to have to install php/mysql myself.

    remember i am new to dedicated but my need means i must move onto dedicated so any info would be grateful.
    Not bothered if US or UK server which ever comes cheapest tbh.

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    How much is the budget? and what do you mean no restrictions? What other content do you plan to put on the server?

    Almost all can run Vbulletin, but the question is how busy is your forums? and I strongly suggest that you get a Managed Server.

    Check out the Offers Section. Good Luck!

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    budget about 50uk pounds per month

    im not plannign on running a pirated site but may want adult content and some hosts are fuzzy about that.
    Also forum has nearly 200 users on at any one time so is reason why choosing to go dedicated.

    Managed server is not an option tbh as ive outgrown it so all i want is a dedicated server that can run vbulletin on - but i was told i need cpanel and whm in order to do this so i want a dedicated server with this options already
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    so theres no way ill get one for 50uk pounds with cpanel then ?
    im willing to sacrifice on webspace etc also want 10mbits speed

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    Canada... EH?!?
    gritty: go check out www . layeredtech . com .... you can get a server for like 60US ( 99 setup or something ) and add cpanel 25 and tada 85uS which i think is under if you do the exchange

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    am now sorted now thanks to all who replied

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    I am wondering if you understood what was meant by a managed server. A managed server is still a dedicated server. It is merely managed reactively or proactively by the host. They perform monitoring, kernel upgrades, and apply security patches either at your request (reactively) or automatically (proactively). Understand?

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    If the location doesn't matter, then take a US-based server. There are lots of options within your price range.
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    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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    cheers for replies - yeah i went for a dedicated server and it came within my price range.

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