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    Shopping Cart - Different GUI's possible?


    I have a very specific question. I have one of my hosting clients would like to be able to have a shopping cart that many different churches can use, each church with it's own look and feel.

    The only solution I came up with was to purchase and install a separate instance of Xcart, i.e.,, for each church, thus creating a different look and feel for each church's users.

    Is there a cart out there that would accomplish this with just one installation? Somehow allowing you to create separate "look and feel" for each one?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like you should be able to create a CSS file & then call that CSS file for the specific church? That is how we accomplished it actually.

    Check with Cart & see if they are using a CSS (I would hope they are) and then you can just pull the values in from a database.

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    No need for separate installation, you can use multiple templates with x-cart. All you need is 'skin swapp' mod from Cart Lab and couple of skins.


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    Hello - you should actually be able to perform this with any shopping cart - just share the DB. This does involve several "installs" - but, set the DB Config file for all installs to work off of the same DB - this way, they would all have the same content - all sales, etc would be recorded and managed from a central location, but, each domain could be completely customized....

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