Hello and Welcome to another Post of mine.

This is time, im looking for some Music Lovers to make a music video / listening site.

Ok well basically the site will be a place for people to go and watch the latest (and the oldest) Music Videos (all streamed from the site) as well as streaming Music (Audio). The site will be a bit like Yahoo's Launch.

Hopefully when the site has got going I have a few people who can make some short and funny cartoons. To keep people amused.

Looking for:
Im looking for a team, made up of a few Programmers, and designers. We will then split the work load, i have already started to contact Record Labels regarding us showing Music Videos and this isnt a problem. But we would all need to add Music to the system / server when work is complete.

Must be a music fan of some sort, any genre.
Must be able to program PHP / MySQL or Design.

There isnt no pay to start with but as the site starts earning money from advertisments before and after a Music Video. As well as from people paying for Premium Membership we would then split profits evenly.

Contact Details:

MSN: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]