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    eggdrops and irc scripts

    how can i scan my linux server for eggdrops and irc scripts?

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    you could run "netstat -np" and check if some process does connect to some irc port like 6667, 7000 etc. If so, grab the pid and "ls -l /proc/pid/", check executable name and path, location

    what do you mean with "irc scripts" ?
    scripts for eggdrops? tcl?

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    Not tha sure. Im as Noob as you can be with linux servers but i got i mail from my server provider that talked about eggdrops and irc scripts which im not allowed to run on the serve (and wasn't) the problem this time have been solved but i would like to learn how to scan for the problem mself.

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    ps aux|grep bnc
    ps aux|grep ircd
    ps aux|grep eggdrop
    ps aux|grep bitchx

    thats most common irc releated background proccess run in *nix

    those commands will list all running proccess that match your search

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    most of the time these days they ar ebeing hidden as other processes such as sendmail
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    A good start would be to block all the common irc ports at your firewall.
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    block 6665-6669 + 7000 outgoing and half the time you'll be laughing

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    ok. how do i block those ports? using APF firwall

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    Edit /etc/apf/conf.apf

    Enable Egress filtering, and add the ports you need to Egress ports. I would assume ingress to be blocked already.
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