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    dedicated server -please help


    Could someone help with choosing server solution for small advertising agency?

    Server is needed for up to 400 clients - low traffic sites, all connected to domains or subdomains. Estimated traffic: 200-300 GB monthly.

    I have very little idea about administration, so:
    - the server must be preconfigured (php4, my sql. cron acces, mail servers, etc.)
    -control panel is essential (only for me, the clients will not use it).

    Is one server enough?

    Should I consieder fully managed server? Unmanaged with third-party administration?

    The budget: maximum $300 montly, preferably $200.
    Should I consieder paying more?

    Do you possibly know if it is possible to receive paper-invoice (for fiscal purposes)? If so, does it apply to all hosting companies?

    thaks in advance


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    I think one server is enough. If it is a low traffice sites, A Pentium 4 2.8 or 3.0 will do the job or a Dual Xeon 2.4 will be the best for your budget of $200. And Get a managed server to handle the administration.

    Good Luck

    Thank you.
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    With that type of budget, it sound like you should have tons of options. I have seen dual xeon's cheaper than $300. So it all depends on what quality of connection and server you are looking for.
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