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  1. Hosting Providers willing to provide Webdesign services? Make Profit $


    First off my name is Dieter K. from Graphire Designs. We are currently looking for Hosting firms to work with in providing our Webdesign services. We are a mature
    Webdesign/Webcoding duo located in Belgium & Sweden. We own a deep feeling for designing & great knowledge of PHP/ASP/.. programming. You may view our website at:

    We are seeking for a Webhosting company of atleast PR2 status which wants to add a Webdesign option to their service to expand their fields. What do you get? You get 25% of the total client's payment with each client we get through your service.

    If you are intrested in working with us to expand your services, then please leave url of your hosting service and email adres.

    Friendly Greetings,
    Dieter K.
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