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    Our terrible experience!!


    In this topic, we are explaining our experience as customers with Easydedicated.
    On Sunday night April 10, the server was blocked and then we asked them the reboot for the first time but they didnít answer us.
    Afterwards, we asked for three times the server reboot for the same reason (on Monday, April 11).
    Then they didnít answer us. So we asked a manual reboot from a technician.
    They told us they rebooted the server but it still didnít work.
    At the same time, we were losing many customers.
    At this point, we asked them to install an extra hard disk and then to do the restore of the data, to reinstall the O.S. and then to put the older hard disk as secondary.
    After paying all the service (95Ä = portal request for a new 40 Gb disk Ä 16 + an order for a priority reinstall Ä 79) they provided the reinstall but the older hard disk wasnít installed on the server, we tried to contact them to ask them the reason why the second hard disk wasnít assemblied (on Wednesday, April 13) and, after four days we explained our problem, they said our old hard disk was broken.
    They said our old hard disk was broken so late not since the first day that we had this problem so we couldnít do anything anymore.
    Then, on Wednesday April 13, we asked our old hard disk (120 GB), many and many times. They told us we had to pay 104 Ä (89Ä+15Ä shipping) because they told us if they went to a supplier, they had a new one back (because of, according to them, the hard drive had a guarantee but it had already 1 year and an half then it couldnít have a guarantee).
    On Thursday April 14, after sending so many tickets to receive our hard disk, I called them through our company telephone number but they didnít answer us. At the same moment of the call, they sent us a ticket in which they wrote the payment was received and then they sent the hard disk in the same day. What coincidence!!!
    Only when we tried to call them but they couldnít see our telephone number (we put the discreet number), they answered and told us they sent the packaging in the afternoon. So we asked which was the courier and his telephone number, many times we asked the tracking number but they didnít answer us. At the end they sent us the tracking number and then we could contact the carrier. And finally, the day after (on Friday, April 15) in the afternoon, we received the packaging with our old hard drive.
    Afterwards, we recovered all the data but, at the same time, we lost 90% of the customers.
    Itís strange that they didnít say us that our hard disk was broken at the beginning, maybe they already knew that before the re-install of the O.S.; when they told us that, it was too late, we already lost so many customers.
    If you want, we attached one of the ticket we opened with Easydedicated in that days.
    Note all the dates and hours.
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    That sucks I feel for you mate.

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    In fact it has been really terrible for us but as I can see from the answers not many persons have been really interested to my post.

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    Sorry to hear about the bad experience, and I hope if you purchase a new server at a new host you won't have that much bad luck.

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    Is it possible that anybody had this kind of bad experience with this host or with other host??

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    You can try and search on the forums.

    To see if anyone has had any bad experience with easy dedicated

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