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  1. #1 services is really too bad!

    hi guys,
    i just shared with you my experience with really terrible services. i never saw such rubbish.

    1. their website is the lowest one between most of webhosting company, especially at night. the day before yesterday, when i signed up, it costed more than 3 mins to open sign up page. and it already failed twice before. you can see how terrible it is.

    2. most important one, i signed up to register one domain. until now, almost 48 hours pasted, they didsn't do anything with my order except charge my money from my card. really rubbish!!!!

    3. the support is really bad. bot these two emails
    [email protected] and [email protected]. i haven't replied my emailed for more than 24 hours. they replied one of email before , almost say rubbish in emails. i asked them to processed my order, no reponse from them.

    hope all of your wont suffer from such bad services.

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    Sorry to hear you have troubles with them. They are popular enough so I presume they keep their reputation. I suggest you to wait for a few days before decide what to od. Otherwise it is very discouraging when customer support do not answer promptly. I firmly believe that every internet service provider must answer within no more that a few hours and even faster.

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