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    which server for me?

    I'm italian, I want to buy an unmanaged dedicated server in USA.

    I have need of:

    1) 500Gb or 1000Gb traffic
    2) 24h ticket system help (not telephone, I live in Italy)
    3) 40 Gb HD approximately
    4) CPU 1000Mhz or up
    5) 3-5 ips
    6) reboot machine

    My budget is 60-70 $ / m, approximately

    You can suggest to me some good company?
    Many Thanks

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    You can check the offers forum for deals like that. For that price, you can get a Celeron 2.0 or AMD 2000 easily.
    Synergy Blue LLC |
    USA should so something about:

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    You can check the advertisement forum. You will find plenty of deals in the dedicated hosting section. You can easily select the best one that you feel.

    If that is not helpful for then you can also place a quote request at the following link:-

    In case you are confused with anything, you can get back to me.

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    You can go with they have always good offers which you can afford.


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    Also, check the ping times, because they really vary (I'm also from Europe). Some providers' poing times vary from quite good (130-160) to some really horrible (300-400 or above x-( ) I chose ServerMatrix in the end just because of this, but you should also check...

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