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    2nd Dedicated Box DNS Stuff

    Hey guys, I have a relatively small web hosting company, but our server has outgrown itself.

    I need to purchase a 2nd server, but I am a little confused as to what this will mean.

    At the moment, all customers are instructed to go through '' to log into cpanel. If I have another box, is it still possible to log into cpanel via ''?

    Another thing bugging me is how will my dns work? Again all users are instructed to use '' in their dns records. If I get a second server, can I still use the same property?

    Im really about the whole thing


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    What you could do is that when you setup users on the new server tell them to use

    So if you ever move them to another server they won't have to be told.

    For DNS you can setup and on the 2nd server and ge thtem to use that. Its not the most redundant solution howver its easy to implement


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