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    Talking Need 2 animated buttons

    What I need are 2 funny, colorful animated buttons for my sites. One is for an emoticons and smileys site, the other is for a game cheats site. These buttons will be used to trade with other sites, instead of doing a link trade we do a button trade.

    Size for each one 88x31 and less than 13kb

    Max. $20 for both buttons. I'll need the psd files and any font you used on the button sent to me.


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    We at FiveInteractive can do this.
    Contact us VIA;
    AIM: Tizalez89
    MSN msn @
    E-Mail: admin @ fiveinteractive . com

    Look forward to hearing from you
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    I'd gladly take care of these simple buttons today, for $20 over paypal.

    My portfolio:

    Take care.

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