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    Unhappy server down, what shall i do?

    hello all,

    I have a reseller account at , sadly, the owner is disappeared for quite a long time, as i didn't check their site forum frequently, i just realized the problem since my account was down 3 days ago...

    I'm trying to move out all my site datas... however, pixiehost's apache (1.3.33 (Unix)) is totally failed , i can't move any site out from them...

    Pls help if u have any ideas or any contact about the pixie owner... pls at least kindly recover the server for a while and let me do the back up and transfer...

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    How long has the host disappeared for?

    Administrative Contact:
    Pixie Internet Services
    Roy Kartadinata (royk @
    10201 Lindley Ave 66
    Northridge, CA 91325

    The server seems up.. and you shouldnt need apache to download your backups... just FTP into it.

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    You need to try and have the back-up for your site. You are not required to worry about Apache. All you need is to have the FTP port enabled.

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    They have a phone number listed in the site header and have you tried the options at yet?

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    Pixie Dust?

    Just wondering, is Pixiehost dot com dust? Or What?

    Been more than 24 hours of downtime, phone doesn't work, no reply to trouble tickets.

    Service was good (contrary to what some reported in these forums), but, this silence recently is deafening.

    Hoping that this post may wake someone....
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    Sounds like what users reported here wasn't contradictory to the truth.

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    A Miracle! Ten minutes after this post, all domains are up! Only 28 hours of downtime! Now, I'll try to submit for a refund of 5 percent per hour (up to 100 percent of monthly fees) using their report a system down page.......oh wait...that isn't working either.

    Grateful the sites are back up none the less.

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    Good luck with the future and the host!

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    Originally posted by richardhertz
    Only 28 hours of downtime!
    I liked your attitude.. i would have been red with anger

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    You can almost taste the sarcasm in that one, can't ya?

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    they are up right now. grab your data and run!

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    I bailed back in early March from Pixiehost. I tried to warn everyone....

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    I've moved out to another host already, thx for all ur reply.

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