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    Site5 vs. HostingZoom (I know again.. I hear ya groaning...)

    Well these 2 places have been killing me lately. I've had trouble deciding which to choose I've been monitoring both places for literally months now but still can't make my mind up. So I thought I'd turn to the "experts".

    Okay so there is site5 and HostingZoom I plan on purchasing a shared package on either of the sites.

    First off I got a few questions.
    1) Is it normal for servers to "fail" so many times or are these just some isolated cases? For example;
    HostingZoom: hours downtime? and 1 hour previous month?)

    2) Are there any significant differences between the 2 monitoring services?

    3) How are the speeds of the server.. I own a fairly big site and at times it can generate traffic... talking hundreds of users online at once how are the servers speed at peek times and such?

    4) Do both companies oversell? (simple yes or no will do)

    5) Are there significant load time differences for lets say dialup users on site5 vs. HostingZoom?

    I want hear user experiences and such particularily about the SPEED and STABILITY of the servers and how the servers work at peak usage?

    Support at site5 seemed very friendly and all but when I went over to HZ I was talking to Vlad in pre-sales chat and asked him a same question I asked at site5 and basically I was told to buzz off(More particuarily he told me to look at the TOS and AUP and "decide for yourself"). Well that was the main reason I went into the chat to get clarification but apparently I couldn't get it then I went back after my browser was accidentily overwritten the window. I explained it to him then it sayed I left that chat which I did not.

    At site5 also I was talking and Firefox was giving me big trouble and kept crashign it went out about 2-3 times and all times I went back they were still friendly and all so hats off to you guys.

    Well to close I'd like to thank anyone who could give me their feedback and hopefully with your help I can once and for all finalize a host decision.
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    There are so many threads on comparsions between these two companies. I suggest doing a search.

    Remember, the Search™ tool is your friend
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    1) may be more stats is needed to come to a conclusion
    2) it depends on what you exactly expect from a site monitor
    3) more or less - it seems so
    4)site5 oversells - other i dont know but that may not matter in performance provided hostee and host are sure about "system resource usage"
    5) again probably no though it may depend on location of the dialup users

    you may jump to anyone and if it does not satify you get the money-back - I would have jumped to site5 but also before taking a look at unitedhosting, hostpc, rochen, axishost - shoot them with presales questions , hang in the respective forums and see which satisfy me most

    initially it is a good idea to have your *own* daily backups and sign for monthly contract

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    For number 2.

    It is hard to compare both uptime stats when two different monitoring companies are involved. I'd bet that the Alertra stats are pretty accurate though. - Low cost multi domain hosting solutions. [Legal adult content friendly]
    Reliable web site hosting is our motto. We have Alertra stats to back that up.
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    I never realized site5's uptime was that bad. Everyone always told me they were "flawless"
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    As a Site5 customer I need to explain how to read those uptimes reports.

    All Site5 servers went down twice this month for planned maintenance (kernel modification and apache recompile), so any downtime caused during this period were previously known by users via e-mail messages and forum announcements.

    Besides that Triton also crashed twice and had to be rebooted.

    As Matt has written here, they will be adding more servers to the fleet this week and balancing some servers.

    I'm a very happy Site5 customer and my server uptime is around 99.9%. Support staff is great and everybody is very friendly.

    Do some search in WHT and you will find more information about these 2 companies. Good Luck!

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    I've been on ResellerZoom [HostingZoom] for a couple of weeks now with no real problems; I know that's not long enough for you to make a decision, but it's something.

    Had a rocky start with T/S, but I thihk that was more my fault in not explaining what I needed.

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    I never realized site5's uptime was that bad. Everyone always told me they were "flawless"
    Hmm... Always keep in mind that a host has as many "uptimes" as it has servers. A server with poor uptime is not necessarily representative for the host as a whole.

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    It also depends (a least with Alertra) what your monotiroing is set to.

    I used to do 20 minute monitoring so if I was rebooting and it got a down signal it would show as 20 minutes of downtime, I now have 5 minute monitoring so if it does down for a reboot a server typically takes 2-5 minutes to boot back up so it only shows 5 minutes of downtime instead of 20.

    I am not sure what type of upgrade they were doing but a kernel should only take a few minutes for a reboot not hours, the fact is servers are in ways like us people and have problems sometimes and there is nothing that can be done about it other than being a host with good communications and working on the issue in the fastest way possible.

    If you are looking for 100% uptime I would suggest first moving up a few price brackets are you are looking at budget hosts currently and look for somewhere that will offer you a serious SLA not just 5% off the month for every 30 minutes of downtime

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    Just to clarify...

    1) Planned maintenance and the like are considered "downtime" by the uptime interface.
    2) Triton is an isolated case and has been having sporadic issues the past week or two. We've been working on addressing the matters and will ultimately be alleviating them with one of the new systems on its way this Wed/Thurs. It was also down for a hardware swap earlier this month, I believe, which was--again--counted as "downtime" by that system.

    We've got a new system coming out soon that will replace the cumbersome WebSitePulse interface. Yes, it will be an internal (non 3rd-party) replacement, but we've decided that having accurate uptime figures is far more important than providing 3rd-party certified wrong uptime stats (especially when they're costing us over $10k/year... )

    So anyway, we'll have a genuine product of Site5 Engineering up in the very near future. The new system will provide a much better look at our performance, and will allow us to gather and manipulate historical data in a meaningful (NOT misleading, mind you!) way.

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    i went with hostingzoom last week after a bad experience with another host. vlad has been great to me. never told me to buzz off (maybe the answers really were in the documents he told you to look at?) but on the contrary, they managed the server move really well and over a weekend too. he always answered my questions and the helpdesk system is well thought out (i.e. you can reply to their emails and that is entered into the ticket), not like some hosts.

    the server status on harris has always been very good (good cpu loads full directories, etc.). maybe i'm being self-defeating here since my experience thus far has been that web hosts are like cell phone companies: great until everyone discovers them and signs up, then it's all over. but i'm hoping to stay with these guys for a long time.

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    Reseller servers and shared servers are two completely different animals. Shared servers are much more reliable so the uptime report represented here doesnt really reflect how our shared server perform. I can tell you our shared servers have never gone below 99.9% any month to date.

    I am particularly interested in knowing more about the live chat session you had with our tech Vlad if you can PM me here or send me an email to kiet[@] If you have any speciific questions about our service, I'll be more than happy to answer them for you.
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