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Thread: Bad month?

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    Bad month?

    Do anyone here just have a bad month? This month just seems like a horrible one so far. Thursday a girl got killed (I kinda know her from her father which is a high figure in Montana).

    2 of my friends get in a car accident. This old lady ran a red light and slammed into the car, and one of my friends is in the hospital. He is having a very hard time breathing. The female friend she is not hurt as much, but very soar. The cops said by the looks of the car if it was just a couple more inches to the left it would of most likely of killed them.

    Then I think it was 2 Saturdays ago (maybe 3) another friend died in a car accident.

    Then about 1 month ago a friends father died of a heart attack I believe it was.

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    Oh and besides her going in a red light she was also speeding (going faster then 50 from what I was told). How can people be so stupid, and not care about other peoples lifes like this?

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    We unfortunately live in world where tragedies happen everyday. Just look at any newspaper in any city. We can only hope to be lucky enough to not experience such tragedies, and make the best out of the time we currently have.

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    maybe you are cursed
    This is not odd,thousands die everyday,its just life.

    Hopefully your friends will get better
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    Yes I hope your friend recovers quickly.

    That does seem to be an excessive amount of people that You know. (note to self... stay away from Torith).

    None of us are getting out of this alive but it is sad to see so many friends/family go so close together.

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