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    Need a 2k3 Server Admin

    Need someone to fix my server.

    I can't figure out what the hell is wrong with it, its a windows 2k3 box, mysql is killin it, i'm at the point where i'm considering buying a seperate server just for mysql.

    This is the third server I've gone throuhg, second windows, i tried linux to see if that was the problem, it wasn't.

    Server has 1 gig ram, 3.3ghz p4 no reason it should be overloading.

    Site gets roughly 70k hits a day, forum driven.

    It'd be a one time thing, not a permanent position, and I'm not an idiot, i know servers, I'll know if you really did anything or not, so don't try to pull one over .

    Payment via paypal, looking for a few quotes, aim is myzerre.

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    I can take a look at it for free to see if I can help. If you wish, email me or pm me in the morning. I am off to bed now.
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    I am willing to check it out for free.

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    If you are running MySQL 4.1 or later, reconfigure your instance and set it to a standard server, as opposed to a dedicated database server.
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