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    Great expierence

    We've been using for our shared hosting and misc stuff ( like pcfav ) arm for quite some time. Recently I had to move and as such I didnt notice my bill for quite some time. They disconnected the server, but as soon as I contacted them (outside of business hours) they reconnected it (and I sent payment of course...)

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    i thought it normally took weeks to contact them.
    oh well...

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    because they reconnected you after you paid an overdue bill it justified a great experience post?

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    Maybe they are getting their act together....?
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    their average support ticket response/reboot request time is around 10 seconds - 30 min after they raised their price.

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    I was very happy with my stay at managed when I used them up untill a couple of months ago (reason for quitting was needing a cheap upgrade in bandwidth).

    The network was really good and stable, didn't notice one bit of network downtime. Although I only contacted them 3 times, the support leaves alot to be desired, I had averages of 3 days response time (still, Iv'e been with worse ). Overall quite a good stay with them. Well recommended if you know how to manage your own server and you wish to pay using PayPal (Iv'e heard many credit card scare stories with

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    10,574 is starting to get better as a friends of mine uses them and they respond to his reboot requests very quickly. I think their team should add in remote reboot for free as this will decrease their support requests.

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    Welp sounds like he is having a good experience to him at the moment.. I don't see a reason to slam him because he is happy with his service.. Glad things are going good demonmoo / We Filter out the Bad Leads and Send you the Good ones!
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