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    Is Fastserver that desperate to pay Google for advertisement like the one below for a Google search on FDCSERVERS?

    Alternative to fdcservers
    Compare Dedicated Servers now with
    900GB BW $128/mo and Free Setup.

    Some might call it good marketing, I kind of look at it as being desperate but amusing.

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    What's wrong with that advertisement? Maybe they wanted the world to see their lack of setup fees? Admittedly, it's a bit silly for them to try to get fdcservers keyword, but it's not desperate.
    If fastservers were desperate, would they be removing setup fees?
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    Desperate is not the right word, to late to edit. Just kinda funny. I wonder if this kinda advertisment works. I guess if you are a smaller company tyring to gat clients from a bigger company it might make sense. But what do I know.

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    I don't know but they are suppose to provide top notch service for the price you pay they say. When I had a server there it went down two times in one month and I cancelled it. I figured I can pay less to TP/SM and get better service so why go with someone else.

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