Hello WHT Members!

Although my schedule is fairly tightly booked for the next few weeks (with the exception of smaller projects, which I can likely fit into my schedule in the near future), I thought I would nonetheless post the following information regarding my writing and editing services.


My skills:

- Solid technical background: B.Sc. in Computer Science
- Excellent writing skills: B.A. in Political Science
- Extensive experience: I have worked on a multitude of web and print projects. Experience includes writing and editing newsletters, magazines (both "glossy" and electronic), manuals, guidebooks, press releases, web sites, formal reports, proposals, and books.

A few examples of how I can be of assistance to you:

- Editing and improving existing content for clarity, grammar, style and spelling
- Creating custom text for your website
- Writing articles, user manuals, press releases, etc.
- Working as a copywriter/editor for webdesigners creating sites for their clients


If you feel I may be able to assist you, please be at liberty to contact me via e-mail (reeces |at| gmail.com) or pm.

Thank you for your consideration;


P.S. A bit more information regarding my work, as well as several links to past projects can be browsed at www.acadire.com.