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    Appraisal please:

    Hi folks.
    I'm an avid mudder and develop my own mud at and I was toying with the idea of starting a mud hosting company offering small vps plans using the xen hypervisor. I don't think I am going to find the time I would like to do this so I may sell the domain and was wondering what sort of a value you would place on it?

    I registered on 15/3/05 (it seems it was previously registered and expired on 9/22/04 and is listed as for sale on sedo (not by me)).

    It would suit anyone interested in mudding (as a host if you know what you are doing and develop a control panel for xen based vps, or as a directory site for mud hosts with revenue coming from advertising).

    So if I were to sell what do you think is a reasonable figure?
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    Is there still a demand for MUDs like their used to be?

    I wonder if their is a market for developers of MUDs w/ limited graphics e.g. ascii to flash...

    +Fred Strelzoff

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