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    Need one to edit Noahs Classifieds script

    Hello all ,

    I need some one to edit Noahs_Classifieds script


    it is come with Fantastico Programs too

    and it is Free to use

    The changing I need

    1 - Adds only can be added by admin or super user
    2 - fix the period of the ads 30 Days
    3 - admin can edit the period of any Ad like 30 or 60 or 90 ...etc each ad may be have expire period Time

    need a good price plz

    That is a lettle job


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    No one can do that ???

    Okey do you have like this script with my need ???

    My needed

    ADs manager

    Ads only can added by admin not by register visitors

    Don't need vistirors to register

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    How much you pay for this job?
    .:. Enterprise SAN Consultant .:.

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    Hello this is a little Job it will take no more than 2 hours

    Plz put your price

    Thanks a lot

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