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    Exclamation How much money would these banner be worth?

    How much money would these banners be worth?

    And if you have any suggestions to make them better please tell me!

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    they are good for gamers but they lack renders and glows which is what they would want mainly.

    they have good designs

    but it doesnt quit cut "leet"

    assuming it is made for a gamer

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    yes it is for a gamer

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    anyone have a price yet??????

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    I would say about 30-40 bucks for all three. They arn't anything impressive and nothing that could be created in a few minutes with a background image and some text effects.
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    k thnx i got 10 of them 100-133 dollar hmm sounds cool

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    They are kind of dark and have no movement, I would not pay more than $5 for each..$10 would be maximum

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    I agree with angelic81.

    they are nice but need more work

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    k thnx for the comments

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    They look good enough for a site header in my terms, maybe you could play about more in Photoshop, or GIMP to see what else you can change to them, overall I would say they would most probably be worth around $5 each at the most, dependant on who would buy them.

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    theres nothing special there that an amatuer couldnt do

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    With a nice font and some more text and movement it could easily be $10 to $20. The way they are now, I see them as a start for a banner. It needs some more work and you could get some money for it.

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    under $10, looks like a 5 minute job at most.

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    It doesn't look like a 5 minute job, but it doesn't look expensive at all. Actually I would quote this $0.00. It is the banners that I see on those free designer request sig type of sites. heh. Sorry buddy, the designs are nice, but don't look like the right banners for the business industry where we would pay for them.


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    thnx will try designing buisness industry banners lol

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