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    Frustrated . Ready to Make a Change...but what do I need?


    I have several sites that are very low traffic. I have one site that is image hosting that uses about 15gb a month bandwidth...not that bad and another e-commerce site that gets about 200 uniques a day currently but during this past christmas holiday we saw 2000 a day with advertising and NO search engine traffic.

    This year we have no idea what to expect except that we are in the top 10 on all 3 major search for almost all of our keywords....and think that we will be hit hard with lots of shoppers and I do not want to wait until its too late to do something about it.

    I have a reseller account with an un-named company and have been having problems in the last 2 months with my sites being slow or down and although I think the company is a good one and responds to each issue, I am beginning to wonder if I should move to a VPS or look for a different shared hosting company.

    What should I be looking at to determine my needs and if I have had a reseller account for a couple of years....should it be that difficult to manage a VPS?

    Please advise,

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    If you can afford it, then you should if you feel that in the future you shall need more resources then a shared account shall provide.

    With a VPS (most are managed), you shall have more control. It shouldn't be that hard to manage, if you are willing to put some time in getting to familiarize yourself with the os and software you shall be using and to learn new things.

    With the details you stated, a VPS with 100 gb or more should do and the disks space around 5 gb or more. Depending on what your current disk usage presently is.

    Hope that helps.

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    I'd definitely suggest a VPS or low-end dedicated server. If you have any Linux experience then managing it shouldn't be difficult. if you have no experience with Linux, you should be able to find a reliable managed VPS host for around $50 who will do most of the management for you.

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    2000 unique a day?? that looks pretty big number to me,,

    I hope you can find a great host!!

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    I think that you should go for a Managed Server, they are geting very cheap, and you do not have the problem of other sites slowing yours

    There a some companys that heve Reseller Plans that are Well Planed and they do not Put more than a small number of resellers on the server, but a dedicated is much better.
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    Money is not the issue for me...I mean I am like everyone else and want the most service and support for the least $$ but I know that I do not want to compromise on support since I do not know all the ins and outs of running a server.

    A fully managed server, is it alot different than running a reseller account? I don't want to get in over my head...just being cautious, but I am a fast learner.

    Am I correct in assuming that I need something more than a reseller account? I use the reseller account to manage my websites. Are there any guidelines for what is required to run a site like mine? I know mine is a drop in the bucket compared to alot of others but I think in the next 2 years it will be a very large business for me.

    Thanks again,

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    If you get a Managed Server, you only have to know to manage the accounts, the server is managerd by your provider.
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  8. A managed server is kinda like a shared reseller account from your perspective.
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    Managed server looks like a good choice to me. I have a shared account at DreamHost, and I've seen they have server accounts from $99/month - fully managed.
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