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    Server (Intel P4 2.8Ghz/1GB/80GB/100Mbit) take over, 2 weeks free

    OS: Fedora Core 3
    Hardware: Intel P4 2.8Ghz/1GB/80GB/100Mbit
    Monthly: $100 USD

    In Savvis, Dallas

    You will have the server until May 12, 2005 free.

    You only need to pay me set up fee $50.

    mikewen at gmail dotcom

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    how mcuh bandwidth and is windows 2003 possible to be replaced with current OS and how much does it cost monthly later and can i speedtest a file?

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    bandwidth is 1000GB, after 2 weeks (May 12) will be $100 per
    I am not sure how much to replace with
    Windows 2003, but it will increase the monthly cost for sure.

    Test IP:

    Test File:

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    Who is the provider?

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    Originally posted by Odd Fact
    Who is the provider?
    Seems like LT.

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    what about the payment?

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