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    How do you format RAID Drive?

    I wonder how do you format RAID drive? I am using WIN XP PRO.
    I don't know why I can't go to dos and just type format C:
    Can anyone give me a hand? List the procedures?
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    Of course, you have to be Administrator (or in Administrators group).

    Start Menu --> Control Panel
    (click on classic view on the left hand pane if you aren't in classic view)
    Double click on Administrative Tools
    Double click on Computer Management
    Click on the + sign to expand Storage Management
    Click on Disk Management

    On the right hand side, you will see a listing of all your disks, partitions and volumes. From there, right click on the volume/partition you want to format.
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    First off are you using a RAID controller or setting up a software raid through windows?

    Hardware based RAID. Windows sees the logical drive like any other, format as you would any drive.

    Software based RAID. Drives must be setup as Dynamic Disks first from with the Disk Management console in administrative tools. Then they can be configured as RAID, then formated.

    Just be aware dynamic disks are unreadable by most any utility, so if something goes wrong down the road, recovering the system is a pain. Hardware Raid is superior.
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