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    15minuteservers phone support

    [this thread is intended to get an answer from someone from 15minuteservers, but i'd like to hear other users oppinions also]


    15minuteservers is being a very good and stable provider for 4 months for me
    i'm also seeing threads about their being very professional doing the server's migration and i always get answers in 15~20 minutes

    my main "problem" with them is the lack of phone support
    once I requested a tech to reset my root password (i lost it ) and, after the server was rebooted (to be logged in single mode), it took around 40 minutes to get back
    but i didn't get any updates and my tickets didn't get answer in this period (i pretty flooded them with 2 replies to the old ticket and 3 new tickets - i know it's not nice, but i was concerned)
    that's when i think a phone would be nice, because i already started to think the worst ("huh, they forgot my server", "the tech got sick and went out with my server down" and others )

    i understand phone support may be costy, but even an on-line chat would help...
    or it's not even need to put techs on the phone, but at least someone who can communicate with them (ie, not someone to solve problems, but to escalate a ticket, ask for updates, etc.)

    well... that's just a suggestion because that's their only disadvantage compared to other providers IMO
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    We may not provide direct phone support but when an issue requires clarification or would best be resolved via a phone call our techs will call you.
    Matthew Winship
    15 Minute Servers / Net Access Corp.

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