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    FOR SALE: vBulletin 3 Licence and Wiforums Full Features 3 Licence

    I bought both of these to make a web site which I ended up shutting down. So now I don't need these any more and need money to buy a new computer.

    The vBulletin licence is an OWNED licence and was purchased on July 12 2004, so the year of free updates in the member's area will expire on July 12 of this year, but can be renewed for $30. You don't have to renew the access to the member's area if you don't want to, you just won't be able to upgrade to the latest version of vBulletin. I am asking for $115 for the vBulletin licence, that would be a $15 savings if you also renew the member's access, but it would be a $45 savings if you choose not to renew the member's access.

    The WiForums licence I have is for vBulletin 3. It also came with the one year of free updates, but I didn't buy WiForums until July 18, 2004 and I'm not sure how much it costs to renew the upgrades for it. Right now I'm asking $100 for the Wiforums licence, but it may be lower once I find out how much it costs to renew the upgrades.

    For more information on vBulletin, visit and for more information on WiForums, visit .

    I only take PayPal for payment. I will sell these licences separately, so if you only want the vBulletin licence or only the WiForums licence, that's fine. I'm not out to scam anyone, I just don't need either of these licences any more and need money to go towards a new computer. The vBulletin licence is to old to do a "chargeback" anyway. You can check out my eBay feedback at: .

    If you have any questions or anything about either of the licences, you can e-mail me at: [email protected] .

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    emailed you

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    Could you please verfiy the license by, making a post in helpdesk with it included
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    I'm pretty sure the vB licence is now sold, but the WiForums licence is still available. I'm still trying to find out how much it costs to renew the updates, so once I find that out I will post up the final price, but right now it is $100.

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    WiForums licence is now $90.

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    vB license is verified as:

    Product vBulletin (Owned License)
    Start Date Jul 12th '04 06:17pm
    Expiry Date Jul 12th '05 06:17pm
    License Status Active
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    vBulletin licnece has been sold.

    WiForums for vB3 is still available at $90.

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    WiForums is sold.

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