Hi there,

A new server package this time that's not even available on our website yet!

We're continuing our special bandwidth offer for WHT visitors. Email us and mention WHT to get an extra 20% bandwidth per month FREE on any server or colocation package!

These servers are hosted on our renowned London network, based in our own private suite in Redbus Interhouse III (Sovereign House).

We have over 1gbps of external IP connectivity through multiple tier-1 providers (Level3, Tiscali, BtN, more...) and Internet Exchanges (LINX, XPE, AMS-IX, more...). We use redundant Juniper M7i routers and 10gbps Foundry core switches. See our website at http://gyron.net/ for further information.


- 1U Supermicro dedicated server
- 300W cold-swap PSU, 4x hot-swap SATA HDD bays
- Dual gigabit Broadcom NICs

- Intel 530J P4 3.0GHz CPU (with HyperThreading)
- 1GB Corsair PC4200 (DDR 533) RAM
- 3ware 9500S-4LP hardware SATA RAID controller card
- 4x 160GB Western Digital RAID Edition 7,200RPM SATA HDDs

- 800GB data transfer per month!
- 100mbps full duplex burstable Foundry switch port (VLAN'd)
- APC remote reboot power outlet
- RIPE IP assignment included free!

- 100% infrastructure uptime SLA

GBP 215.00 set-up
GBP 215.00 per month


The above package is a sample configuration only - all servers can be completely customised to your exact requirements. Drop us an email now for an instant quote!

We also have a wide range of colocation packages available, from 2U to full racks. Contact us for more info...

Kind regards,

Robin Balen