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    Need a new review

    Need a new review of

    Looking for clear cut responses don't be nice. :-)

    There are a few areas that need finishing.

    I'm trying to decide to scrap it or not

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    The icons for "SERVICES", "HOSTING", "SERVERS" ... etc., should look much better if they were larger. Maybe make them rounded and shiny so they blend with the rest of the site? The rest of the site has a smooth, glossy feel.

    You don't need to scrap it, but the contents inside each respective section does not blend with the rest of the site at all -- font type-wise, style-wise, etc. Take "HOSTING" for example, it looks like the site is a fine "frame," framing up the content inside that small square...

    Good luck.

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    Well I tried to get someone from WHT to do a new Custom Design for me 20 days later nothing so I'll let my dispute be settled and call it done. I got somone else from WHT to work on the redevelopment check it out and post your comments.

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