Hi All,

We've just been having a bit of a tidy-up in our store room here, and we've just assembled the server below, it's a one off, built to our usual high quality standards.

All servers are housed in our racks in the Interxion London facility, Interxion is a SunTone certified data centre, and the largest carrier nuetral data centre provider in Europe with 20 facilities in 11 countries.

Our connectivity is via AS30933, which provides us with connectivity via:
Level(3) Communications
Interoute Communications
XChangePoint Europe Peerings - Nildram, NTL, UKERNA etc.

The servers are as follows:

Dual AMD Opteron 240 CPUs
2 x 160GB Western Digital 7200Rpm 8MB Cache Hard Drive, with 3Ware RAID1
1 x 160GB Western Digital 7200Rpm 8MB Cache Hard Drive
1U HotSwap Case (Dual Opteron 252 Capable)
100Mbit Burstable Port
APC Remote Reboot

Please do not confuse the 3Ware RAID1 with cheap host based RAID cards, this is a true hardware solution that doesn't depend on the host CPU to perform calculations for it. Nearly all of our competitors charge more for this, something we provide as standard - We won't build a server without it, we just don't believe in risking your data with cheap solutions, or no RAID at all.

400GB Transfer - 229.95 p/m, 199.95 setup
600GB Transfer - 259.95 p/m, 199.95 setup
1200GB Transfer - 349.95 p/m, 199.95 setup
10Mbit Un-metered - 449.95 p/m, 199.95 setup
Setup fees waived for yearly payment in advance

All prices exclude UK VAT @ 17.5%.

All servers come pre-configured with CentOS 3.4 and YUM to keep them up to date. They also come with free monitoring with SMS alerts and with access to full bandwidth graphs showing:
Actual Usage in GB
Average usage in Mbit/s
95th Percentile Usage
Peak In/Out in Mbit/s

If you would like any more information, please feel free to contact us, or myself personally.

Thank you,