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    US Dollar or Euro - which is better for saving?

    There is a dilemma here. Which currency is better to keep cash and deposits in: US dollar or Euro? Any forecasts if Euro is going to keep the current rate of exchange policy?

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    I'd go with whichever is your local currency...

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    Some say Euro will reach USD1.40 within 21 days.

    One thing is for sure, If China sells its USD to buy Euro's. 1 Euro will hit $1.80 up to $2.00.

    This will result in Finacial crisis and probally a few wars!

    Also if OPEC strats selling oil in Euro's. USD will het 1.60 - 1.70

    As for saving, its all about stratagy.

    If you sold USD1.000.000 in Jan 2003, you could buy Euro 943.400.

    If you sold that 943.400 in Dec 2004, you could buy USD 1.264.200

    That is an increase of 26.4% within less than 2 years!!!
    Offcourse it's only intressting if you spend the USD in the USD based country.
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    As it looks right now, Euro would be the way to go. However, I do believe that once we get out of Iraq, the dollar will be on top again. This is why you don't see Opec and others selling their reserves in Euros. With the EU accepting more and more third world countries into their economy, it's only a matter of time before it evens out and the dollar becomes #1 again. People choose the dollar for one reason - stability. In the EU, you have many many countries and many economies participating in one currency system, with America, it's one country and one economy. Europe has a high amount of unemployment, I wouldn't expect the Euro to stay as high as it is forever.
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    Unless we turn around the trade imbalance (and there's no sign of that happening) the dollar will continue to drop in value.

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