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    PHP Development

    Here at ZefieNET, we are commited to providing high quality PHP development at an affordable price. Due to the overwhelming response of our last advert here on WHT, we are pleased to run yet another promotion here.

    For the next 5 days, NO high-end project will cost more then $1,000. Please note that this is restricted to the first 4 projects of this level.

    We are also issuing discounts across the board.

    Low-end work ranges from $15 to $100.

    Mid-end work ranges from $100 to $400.

    High-end work ranges from $400 to $1,000.


    Example of low-end work.

    Blogging System (Multi-User/Templates/SQL)
    Download Management System (Queing/Tracking e.t.c)
    News Management System (SQL)
    PHP Membership/Authentication System (Sessions/SQL)

    Example of mid-end work.

    Basic eCommerce system with payment gateway e.t.c

    Example of high-end work.

    Advanced eCommerce system with modules/templates e.t.c
    Auction system.
    Complete online RPG gaming system.
    Forum development, your own custom Forum!


    Payments can be made via Paypal or Credit Card.

    Enquiries to be made to [email protected]
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    can you do a complete google clone for under $1K?

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    Sorry, post was supposed to say no high-end project. Curse my lack of caffeine.

    Google Clone comes under INSANE project.

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    I don't belive, some team can do complete google clone less 1 million
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    depends, complete clone of the search engine or clone of everything on

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    ZefieHost - What happened to the script I paid you for on Monday 4/25? You said it was a simple job. I sent you the payment on Monday and you promised you could deliver in 24 hours. Well it's Thursday. You do not answer your email or pm messages. Are you trying to scam people here?

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