Software Domain:
E-Commerce, Realestate, Credit Card Fraud, Financial Service, Web Hosting Controlers, CRM, ERP

Backoffice Domain
Data Entry, Data Cleansing, Forms, claims, Processing, Insurance, healthcare, Inventory Processing, Accounts.

Skill Set: ASP.Net,C#,VB.NET, FLASH/CSS/HTML, SQL Server, Access, Data Entry Tools
Who we are: http://CubexSystems.Net
Our Team:
Methodology: Outsourcing & Interactive team work
Support Contact Available

We Outsource our Engineers to work exclusively on your projects and become part of your team.
Clients are given access to project management website from where they can follow up on tasks
assigned, work done and time spent on each task. Email alerts are generated whenever a task is
updated or a comment is placed.

Team is also available on chat.


Sales Team