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    legal driving!!!

    this is most probably the MOST POINTLESS post ever... BUT.... I JUST PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!!!!! LIKE 2 HOURS AGO!!!!

    im takin dads car out for cruise!! without any stupid L plates!!

    chat 2 u lot lataaa

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    Congratulations, just don't crash your dad's car on your first trip. That could really scupper your chances for next time!!
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    true and dont try to show off...

    there will come a point you will just hate driving..

    Testing 1.. Testing 1..2.. Testing 1..2..3...

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    Thats when you have a mid life crisis and buy a sports car and try to pull women old enough to be your daughter

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    Ah wat a feeling. I passed my test almost two years ago (only 2 minors! - first time pass). Got given my Dad's Honda Civic. I did eventually crash it (and also had 3 points for speeding). Now i'm on my second car, a brand new Ford Focus (sports edition). Hopefully i won't crash this one.

    Drive safely!!!
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    2 minors, not bad! I got 6. So far no crashes or points on my licence though.

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    I know I drove like a complete idiot when I got my license. Please be safe and congratulations

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    I got 2 minors aswel!! LOL.

    well, the cruise went OK.. 1st stop was to pick up my mate, and then went 2 my girlfriends... who started screwing at me coz i didnt go 2 HER first. the shouting and screaming almost made me lose control of the car and slide straight into a.... BRAND SPANKING NEW bmw M3, who of course happened to be my mate's (the 1 sitting in the back) MUM LOL. and then the drama died down...

    until dad got home and realised his car was nowhere to be seen lol and had him ringing me and shouting, double the anger coz i answered the phone! OMG...

    its been like 7 hours..... and i hate driving already
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    i wrecked my first truck into a bus, well it wasnt my fault but it was wrecked lol. Plus some points for things I'd rather not mention as last time I did everyone got angry with me :-\

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    How can you hate driving???

    Go and rent Taxi, Fast and Furious (1+2) and Italian Job!

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    Hey Saqib, Congratulations man!!!
    Drive carefully and refrain your self
    from show boating ..Ohh... you
    already put your first dent on the
    car... umzz ..Best Of Luck for the
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    Coincidentally, I got my learner's permit on Saturday after looking forward to it for months and waiting at the DMV for a total of about two hours. We got there at about 9:30 and we got our ticket to sit and wait to be called by the robotic voice. After about 30 minutes and with more than 100 people there, we heard our letter and number combination called, and we went up there. I told her what I was there for, showed her the required documents (passport for both proof of identity and proof of legal presence, SSN card for proof of SSN, and mom's driver's license for proof of Virginia residency), and waited for her to enter in the information and validate my SSN real-time with the SSA, at what seemed like 150 WPM. I then was led over to the examination area -- something which had been daunting me for months, for fear of failing -- but my fears were quickly dissipated when I saw how ridiculous the touch-screen system is and how humorous it is when they ask you to choose your name and DOB out of four choices (I wonder if you fail the whole exam if, by accident or otherwise, you select a different name or DOB). The test was ludicrously easy, and it probably boosted my subconscious confidence a whole lot that I had read the entire DMV manual two and a half times. In order to pass, you have to get all of the first part of the test -- ten questions on any of the various signs -- and 80% of the second part of the test -- 25 questions on general knowledge. Once you got 20 right, it gave you a message of a congratulatory (laughably so) nature, and you were on your way.

    I was then congratulated kindly by the woman at the DMV and instructed to sit down, as I would be called back up by name to one of the 18 "windows" to pay, as I had passed the exam. We waited there for about 45 minutes -- but what seemed like three hours -- when we were finally instructed by a woman on a PA system to come up to window 18. We paid, and after a couple minutes of standing, I got my photo taken, in a line of about five other people. Then, quite literally two minutes later, I saw and heard my name, among those same others, called by the same woman who did the photos/exam area administration; she handed me my permit and it was all quite a surreal experience. I had been waiting months for this, even though I can't even drive by myself with it. Nonetheless, it's a sense of a stepping stone toward freedom, independence, and autonomy, not to mention the fact that, having driven a bit before (illegally, mind you) in a parking lot with my dad a couple years ago, I liked driving itself.

    When I got home, my dad was all ready to go, and we headed out to a university parking lot, where I practiced in a big lot, making very tight turns and going up to 35 MPH in the parking lot in my dad's sporty 2004 Acura 3.2 TL-S. We then headed out to a neighborhood local to the university, and I drove around there for a while, just getting a feel for the car and the road in a neighborhood. We only had one interaction with another car; we both stopped at the stop sign at about the same time, him to the left of me, and thus I had the right-of-way. Well, I guess I took too long, because he starts to go, but I start to go too, so I just stop and wait for the obnoxious, stereotypical East Coast to get his way and go through.

    Yesterday and today I drove in my home neighborhood, which was cool because I know my way around so I didn't have to use my dad's car's GPS navigation system (which is really cool and convenient to have) and could see some of the kids who didn't know I had gotten my permit yet. I went a couple MPH under the speed limit, but that's good anyhow as there were and are kids playing across the street and carelessly letting their balls go every which way on the roadway.

    I'm really working on my turns, as I have a tendency to sway towards the left (center) of the roadway when there are no lines to guide me, maybe subconsciously out of fear of hitting straying too far to the right. Anyhow, my parents are extremely impressed with my progress. My mom today was almost too scared to go with me, but she calmed down (for the most part) when she realized I was pretty competent for having my permit for two days.

    Maybe tomorrow I'll even convince her -- my dad, my preferred parent with whom to drive, is unfortunately going out of town -- to let me go on route 236, which is an extremely busy roadway, if I'm ready. That would be pretty amazing progress, as most people take weeks or even months to start driving on those big roads. I hope she'll let me, as I really want to go somewhere useful, and be able to park in a "real" parking lot in a populated place.
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    Congratulations saqib.

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