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    bill orders cancelled by 2co

    Hi guys,

    Few of my orders have been cancelled by 2CO due to what they called failed fraud test. In the email they sent to me, they asked me to contact the customer to confirm that is not a fraud.

    I am wondering after we contacted the customer and confirm that is not a fraud, how we should go about ?
    in the email they sent to me, they just said the order has been cancelled and they didn't ask us to fax anything to them, no fax number and no instruction.

    I have sent tickets to them to let them know the orders are not fraud but after days, i still haven't received any reply from them.

    could anyone of you give me some guidance what i suppose to do ? I do not want to lose any sales due to 2CO poor support..

    please advise.


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    You should ask the customer to make a new ( fresh ) signup or payment and tell them to put the country and state details of the location from where they place the order. 2checkout fraud team verifies the order by matching country of the IP from where the order was placed and the country specified by the customer in the order.

    You should also ask them to put the contact address and contact number properly as the orders are cancelled if the contact details are not correct.

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    Re: bill orders cancelled by 2co

    You can email 2checkout to let them know it is not a fraudalent order.

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