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    Post Fast Action Hosting, INC. back in business

    Good News!

    After much deliberation and talks with Hostingblocks, we have decided that in the best interests of our clients to reopen our doors and restablish the previous web hosting business that was in operation up until medical issues arose. Having been given a clean bill of health by the doctors (thank you for all the kind phone calls and emails regarding my health), I am back to work!

    While Fast Action Hosting, INC. was not a one-man-show, my failing health last year forced us to close our doors and hand off operations to our support manager at the time...who was willing to take on the responsibilities of President and CEO.

    Fast Action Hosting, INC. was founded on the principles of great customer service and reliable hosting. It was these principles that created our excellent reputation over time for doing "right" by our customers and creating a loyalty to one another as illustrated in other threads on this forum.

    While many clients have left, due to problems had by Hostingblocks, we hope that by reopening our doors and streamlining operations that our departed clients will return.

    Expect to see Fast Action Hosting in full operation very shortly, and thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Eric Wade
    Fast Action Hosting, INC.

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    Please, make sure to let us now when you're back again. I, for one, can't afford a new hosting.

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    Welcome back

    Glad to hear your back and well eric.

    As a past customer of yours i was very suprised to see you hand over FAH like that but i guess your health has to take priority.

    Lets hope you havent lost much reputation from recent events and you continue to provide the excellent service and support i remember you for.

    All the best.


    :: edit :: can a mod please move this to the Fast action hosting thread? god knows what happened there. thanks.

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    * I see


    This is good news for your clients that have been stranded by Travis.

    Apparently you had some sort of backdoor access to Travis that wasn't available to anyone here. It's a good thing too, since it seemed a lynch mob was ready to hunt him down, and drag him by his ear to the data center.

    For me, it is too little, too late. After several black eyes from the problems since Travis took over, I have already transferred to another host, surpass hosting, .

    I wish you Good Luck in trying to bring Fast Action Hosting out of it's nosedive. IMO, the plane has already crashed into the ground.


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    Thumbs up

    Glad to see you back in business Eric - the level of support that you showed to the end users is fantastic. I am going to have to use a secondary host for a project and you are definately in consideration. As a matter of fact, If you want to talk further, just drop me an email -

    Good to have you back -

    Michael King

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    Thank you for the kind words. I started Fast Action Hosting back in 1999 because I was appalled by the shabby service and support provided by many webhosts. I knew that someone had to set a new standard. Many comments from our clients on this forum have reflected that the goal of superior service and support has been met by us.


    I would agree that HostingBlocks crashed and burned. Granted, they had a multitude of problems that led to their demise. While I have known Travis for quite a while, I was not in a position to tell him how to run his own business. As for Fast Action Hosting, when in operation, we have always excelled and will continue to do so.

    Although my presence will be a bit lighter than before (I was very active in keeping our techs and admins on their toes), I will ensure that our high standards continue to be met.

    At this point, our staff have restored 100% of the servers, have installed and setup our helpdesk, and are now in the process of rebuilding our backend infrastructure for our website.

    As before, our clients come first!

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    I would like to clarify for those others reading this - that when Eric was in charge, I did have nothing but excellent support/service from FastAction Hosting.


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