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    Question How many dedicated servers needed?


    I am trying to determine my budget for launching a potentially large-scale web site (using the LAMP architecture), but I admittedly know very little about hardware. I plan to use a managed hosting solution (still shopping around for that!).

    I know that I will need a dedicated solution to support a large-scale site, but I'm not quite familiar with how many dedicated servers I will need to sufficiently support high volume.

    Does anyone have ballpark figures about how many dedicated servers they are using to support their web site traffic? Any statistics would be helpful, especially the following:

    - # of dedicated servers, including hardware specs
    - # database transactions at peak times (or per day)
    - # dynamic pages served at peak times (or per day)
    - # concurrent users at peak times

    This information could really help me to estimate how many dedicated servers I might need to pay for. I certainly understand that this data also depends on how well the software performs/scales, but any numbers would help me at this point.


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    It is easier for you to evaluate it on a trial and error basis. I would recommend starting from a:

    P4 and grow towards to Dual Xeons / Opterons and then clustering.
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    Re: How many dedicated servers needed?

    Originally posted by yd77
    Does anyone have ballpark figures about how many dedicated servers they are using to support their web site traffic?
    Your question is a bit too vague to give you a good answer.
    We'd need to know more about the app and how its designed.
    The things we'd need to know from you are:
    # of dynamic pages served, and what % of it is static images/content/etc
    What database you're using?
    PHP or other templating tools?

    If you're building for some amount of resiliancy, go for 6 servers -
    2 x Main Web Servers
    2 x Static Content Servers
    2 x DataBase Servers

    maybe get a loadbalancer too?
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    Wotanworks -- Thanks for your reply.

    I want to use Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP. Hopefully use some sort of PHP templating tool (smarty?) and/or PHP framework (prado?). Probably some C/C++ in there too.

    I suspect the majority of the pages will be dynamic - maybe 75%?

    Wow -- if it is in the ballpark of 3-6 servers, that is a lot of money!

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    well it all depends on traffic if you have one hit a month then obviously 1 machine should be able to cope with it but if your getting 500hits an hour you will need a more robust solution.

    It also depends on how complex your dynamic content is, forums, etc


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