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    * Easyspace, bless them!


    I have just paid 123-reg the Ł19.99 fee to move my .com from easyspace.

    Will i have probs, ie the Ł49 trensfer everyone mentions.

    I found this on my "whois" details below from easyspace

    "Registrar transfers FREE plus 1 years renewal fee"

    I guess this is for incoming but it doesnt state.

    Thanks everyone

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    Whenever you transfer your domain to another registrar, you will automatically get an extra 1 year FREE, unless you domain is 60 Days old and younger, then you will not get it and etc.
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    The transfer that is been mentioned might be related to the domains which are transferred towards Easy Space. It is cannot be for the domains transferring out from Easy Space.

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    I think your right - but big money to move from Easyspace, as I say "BŁess them"

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