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    Lightbulb Good Domain Name Wanted . . .

    I'm looking for a good apartment/house/condo rental website name.

    Must be .com
    Must be easy to remember (shorter the better)
    Alphanumeric characters only.

    Hoping for something along the lines of:,,, etc...

    Looking in $xx range, but could be willing to pay low $xxx for the right name.

    Send me your offers!

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    I own with 50 uniques a day.
    Current site isn't real estate related but is good.

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    Thanks Homeblock,

    Not quite what I'm looking for, but 50 uniques a day is not bad...

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    RENTAPLACENOW.COM is available.

    the list goes on..

    There is a good one but im not telling hehe.

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    RentAPlaceNow is not too bad, but it's longer that I am hoping for... But where's the rest of the list, and if there is a "good one" why keep it secret??? Share, share "Good ones" are what I'm looking for.

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    Has a nice "ring" to it and easy to imprint in the minds!

    say it....AptLeasingCenter.......AptLeasingCenter

    sounds good, doesn't it!

    nice price $200.00

    Asking $350 Domain Names * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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    Thanks biggedon for the offers...

    Unfortunately neither are quite what I'm after:
    aptleasingcenter is too narrowly targeted to apartments only, and the site would have little to do with sales so a sales-related name would not work.
    Jonathan Opie, Jonathan Opie Web Design

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    Anyone own or know the owner of That would be ideal.
    Jonathan Opie, Jonathan Opie Web Design

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