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    Most reliable way to backup a database?

    What's the most reliable way of backing up a large MySQL database?

    I'm considering phpMyAdmin. Under Export, what settings should I use?

    Specifically -

    Complete inserts
    Extended inserts
    Use delayed inserts
    Use ignore inserts
    Use hexadecimal for binary fields
    Export type

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    I have reliably for years run mysql backups from the command line:
      /usr/local/bin/mysqldump -A -u backup

    The user backup will have to have privileges to the mysql database.

    I then redirect the information into a file and then archive the file daily for 7 days, weekly for 4 weeks and then monthly forever.

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    if the database is closed (meaning nobody using it) you could also do a directory copy.

    if it's on a linux machine, /var/lib/mysql/databasename you can simply tar it, or even copy file for file.

    If it's a control panel situation the directory might change. For instance, if this is an Ensim box, it would be /home/virtual/

    I have used PHPMyadmin and had it time out backing up large databases (over 1 gb), resulting in a bad backup.

    Your best bet it to use the example matraex gave.

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    Please, read articles about master-slave mysql servers.
    It is the most correct way to backup databases.
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