After much deliberation about the sudden move to kill the HiddenStaff project, I have been sitting looking over the books and thinking that this is something I am not ready to throw the town in quite yet.

For those who don't know - HiddenStaff was and still is an outsourced support company that was growing quickly but as the summer months begin to approach, many of our staff had obligations to their families, work, etc that would prevent them from being available to provide quality support - 24/7. This caused the sudden closure as shown in this thread - Click Here

HiddenStaff is not going to close up when what we were offering was a level of support our clients loved and we built a relationship with each of them that we desire to keep strong.

If you are an experienced support technician - 1, 2, 3 etc - Please contact me ASAP. We are looking for all shifts - morning - day - night.

You can reach me by:

PMing me through this forum
AIM/YAHOO - SimplyJerett
Email - [email protected]

Thank you and I hope to hear from some qualified people interested in joining a project that truely is unique in support.

Thank you once again for your time, patience and consideration.
Jerett Patterson
Owner / HiddenStaff