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    FreeBsd 5.3 Server Setup

    I need webhosting server setup using freebsd 5.3 and a secure open source control panel. Please reply with the cost of the setup and a management option if you offer one.


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    My company specializes in FreeBSD. What kind of server is this?
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    I can help you with this. You can contact with me through AIM dmgzone @ hotmail dot co dot uk

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    PM sent several hours ago - guess it isn't super urgent....
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    Hi gonefishing,

    Depending on which open source control panel you are using (I am going to assume it is webmin) management would be very easy.

    I would say initital setup would cost about $95 one time and would include a complete security lockdown. FreeBSD is already very secure and very well built but, extra security never hurt.

    Overall management would run about $50 per month with updates within 24 hours of release and problems resolved within 24 hours of emailing support.

    Thank you.

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