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    Interxion ireland colocation the norm?

    I was looking around the web and I stumbled upon this link:

    It seems a data center in Ireland is doing collocation .. is this the norm? & has anyone had any experience dealing directly with a datacenter for collocation?

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    Not usually, I would guess they have partnered with one of their customers to offer this. I'll have a word and find out though
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    You can also get colo from Hosting 365 in their own data centre:

    I'm sure DEG, Telecity and Servecentric do it too, although there's probably a minimum of half a cabinet.

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    This may be a silly question but. Why would you go to a reseller like Hosting 365 if you could go with a data center? Is there an advantage going via resellers?

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    Hosting 365 aren't a reseller any more, they run their own data centre in Park West.

    As for advantages - it depends on the reseller. Some are better than the data centres themselves and some are cowboys..

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    I didnít think they had a full facility in the new building.. I thought it was more of a comms room but i could be wrong. I havenít been up there so who knows.

    Re: advantages I guess it depends on the data centres.

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    There's some info on it here:

    I think they're planning to have nearly all of their shared and dedicated servers there by the end of the year.

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    Telecity also have a datacentre on the outskirts of Dublin.

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